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There is one god Yahweh...

There is one god Yahweh, whose authentic voice can be heard in many places within the most ancient scriptures of three enmeshed religions: Judaism, where he first appears, suddenly and confused, with the name I call him by here, Yahweh, god almighty; Christianity, where he is god the Father; and Islam, where he is Allah the omnipotent, Allah the merciful.

The Open-Handed Church is founded on this three-fold revelation:

  • Yahweh, in all his many guises, is one god, and only one god

  • Yahweh's belief that he is the only god is delusion

  • Yahweh's delusion, passed on through his priests & chosen prophets, has maddened the world

The mission of our communion is to heal that madness. We offer healing to Yahweh, and to those disturbed by him; and we offer an understanding of the gods that can bring peace and delight to those who comprehend and abide by it.

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