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clear picture Blessing and cursing gods

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Too much of any one god in any one person's life is hurtful to the person. One god, filling one life completely, drives all other gods away and the person ends as no person at all but only a servant of the god.

That said, there are certain gods whose constant presence in a life blesses that life: shares it gladly with other gods and shapes it as a good life, well lived and true to the end; rich in joy, a light to others. These human blessing gods, as near as I can make them out, are Generosity, Kindness, Wisdom, Laughter, Righteousness, and Patience.

There are other gods whose constant presence in a human life unbalances that life, so that the person trapped in the life causes hurt to all around, is never content, and ends bitter and unmourned, The old fathers numbered seven cursing gods, called them sin, and named them in the order of their power to corrupt the lives of their devotees. Pride, first and pre-eminent, powerful and convincing; Anger and Envy next, seductive and deceitful; next, the sins of excess -- Lust, Greed, Gluttony; finally, but not least in its corroding power and most sly, the retreat from human responsibility that is called, too simply, Sloth.

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