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clear picture Will there be an end to all this?

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Will it all come together at some future point and end as it began?

I do not know for certain.

If you do know for certain, either that it will or that it won't, and if you maintain that certitude through to the end, then it will certainly be so. But that is a hard way; any end is long, and stalwart though your certainty may be, the universe holds surprises still, and limitless holes from which doubt might erupt .

If you are not certain, and if certainty is still important to you, then don't despair. Study the matter more; the lore is deep, the tools and methods of the trade are powerful, the issues are engaging. If you do not find certainty regarding the end of all things this time around, you will certainly discover a rich and rewarding life.

If you are willing to wait on certainty, then belief can function in its place in the task of making sense of things. So I believe that it will end so, at a point, as it began, and all become nothing and timeless.

To the task of making sense (and to all urgent tasks), that belief offers a little slack: even the most pressing task in this scheme of things is diminished in urgency within a point of view that presumes to encompass such distant beginnings and endings. The true believer knows deep down, even below the depths of grief or terror and ecstasy, knows with the philosopher, this, too, shall pass.

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