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Without it, this site would not be. Without it, Yahwist churches establish manifest absurdities as dogma and drive those with imagination out and those without to distraction or worse.

In every realm, all that is creative, all generation, is informed by Imagination. Without god Imagination, none of this would be.

Informed by great god Imagination, you stand where you are, as you are, your own person, an image of humankind, an image of Humanity. By how you welcome the great god in your life, you dignify that image, give it freedom and life, enrich it with deep learning and fresh ideas, and so dignify, enliven, enrich, all humankind and god Humanity.

Welcome god Imagination. Know from the god that nothing that you see now limits what may be, and that good ideas abound, a dime a dozen, and with steady purpose and a little luck any one might make it better. Face nothing -- a blank screen, a space to be filled, a balance to be righted, an emptiness, a nameless terror, an opportunity -- with fear because it is not yet something, not yet achieved.

Accept the gifts of god Imagination. Sit in a quiet place, in as much comfort as your circumstance provides, and imagine how it could be better -- something needed there, on the screen, in balance, terror named, opportunity fulfilled. Let the images come...

To your communion with Imagination, welcome the gods of our human realm. Invoke god Speech to bring the words together that will name and justify each image; picture it with Craft, build models, test the possibilities; and subject it to the acid bath of Reason to assay its noble nature and true worth. If the image dissolves, try another; god Imagination is abundant. When what you have compels belief, well, there you have it. Until then, let the images come...

Know that imagination informs all life, every surface, every precious moment. Informed by imagination, the most insubstantial wisps, that over deep and driven river in cold dawn dream of penetrating wind and rising light, invent the storm that threatens some distant port, some time hence. What was not becomes, with imagination, what must be. Or what might have been -- mighty imagination knows no obligation to the day and its products but to start there. Here. Now.

Beware; like all great gods, god Imagination must be invoked with care and courage and may enter your life unbidden. Without something to work with, something given, something the probability of which can be assessed, imagination can only work on itself and can only build fantastic structures. Untethered to purpose, imagination runs riot, silly and furious and false.

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