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Welcome god Purpose into your life, to inform it with meaning and direction.

Purpose, well-heeded, sets the pace and the rewards.

Well-intentioned, Purpose enriches all touched by it.

Well-controlled, Purpose establishes the ground for all fulfillment.

Well-established, Purpose invigorates every distinguished culture and all ambitious effort.

A great god, Purpose, with whom nations are built, by whose devoted followers all order is maintained and the conditions for well-being. Informed by god Purpose, action generates accomplishment; purpose, applied with imagination and graced with luck, changes the course of worlds and alters fate.

Give worthy Purpose a place in your life. Hold fast. Know the power of purpose, constantly renewed, to achieve ambitious ends.

Know also that any action may serve many different aspects of the one god. Purpose is hierarchical and complex, and even failed attempts -- as many attempts must be, in the course of an active life -- may serve some broader purpose that may yet be discovered and welcomed with respect, or some other purpose not yet yours but still worthy and requiring, without any enmity at all, your failure at this time and task.

Take heart. Purpose is a great god and everywhere: discover Purpose even in events you do not guide and did not invite. Know that Purpose is not lost though contests may be lost, dreams diminished, plans gone awry.

Take correction. Purpose is a great god, manifold and complex: know that the aspect of the god informing your life is not the only aspect to be known or the most to be welcomed. If your special purpose is thwarted, or its implications trouble you, then seek a more common purpose, discover an aspect of the god with whom you can work toward a more general good, so that those who would thwart you on the one case may work with you on the second, and those who are harmed by your actions in one case are no longer harmed in the second and may now be helped when they need help.

Be cautious. Purpose is a great god, wilful and beyond understanding. Be wary of the power of Purpose unrestrained to command your heart so that all else that is divine is driven out, with your Humanity, and you must live in delusion and act with the casual cruelty of Yahwist churchmen. In victory as in defeat, remember that Purpose alone can not save you.

Purpose alone is an illusion, bloated with vanity and denial, and you must know, god Purpose demands that you know, that nothing in any single purpose, nothing in any single aspect of any single god absolves you from responsibility to your Humanity; your responsibility to be generous and kind, to share the load, to help one another, not to hurt.

Choose your way. Purpose is a great god, mysterious and remote, and will not choose for you. If you go in selfish ways and pursue wicked ends, know that god Purpose will not abandon you for that. But others will, gods, friends and family, and you may still die, in sad devotion to your lonely purpose, bereft of joy and better to have not lived at all.

Be good. The great god Purpose may be discovered in any way, and one might as well choose the ways of the good; those are the best ways, filled with warm companions, true delight, and no fear. When you discover goodness in a life, of a god or a true friend or an honest teacher or an ordinary saint, follow in the ways which distinguish that life: honor the gods who inform the life with goodness; accept as your own the sacrifices made through the life to sustain the goodness; welcome the many cares of a good life. Make the ways of the good your ways with imagination and courage and steadfast purpose and you will, in any end, be blessed.

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