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clear picture A meditation for bridges and fords and ferry crossings

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Welcome god River with open hands; accept her teaching of softness and strength, benefit and loss. As River flows through the valleys of the earth on her dancing journey to fullness, so she flows through all generation and the human heart; respect her, for she gives life and takes it, for she runs within you, runs slow and swift, shallow and deep, for she is ancient and mighty and forever young, leaping down mountains. Worship god River.

God River, be welcome in our lives, that we may be clean, that our thirst may be slaked, that we may be informed by your patient resolve, shaped by deep knowledge of flow and immersion, salvation and turbulence.

God River, with open hands we accept all that you bring into our lives, and we pray: let us not, god River, become arid and waste; immerse our lives and loved ones in your blessing; let us be close to you, within you as you are within us, and protect us, so that we may emerge in vigor, anger and pride dissolved away, with clear vision and light spirit.

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