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Welcome the god Uncertainty as a good and constant companion.

She is there for your protection; she whispers to you constantly, and if you will heed her you will be safe.

And he (for the greatest gods are notoriously versatile with regards to gender) also, when opportunity rises, he is also there, urging you to take bold chances, reminding you of the glory and the riches that come to winners in a chancy world.

Either voice alone, if it is the only voice we hear, can drive us mad, as Yahweh's fanatical singleness has driven two millenia mad.

But if you listen carefully to this god Uncertainty, whose aspect is dancing pixels, whose familiar is the fruit fly, if you listen to him, he will challenge you to assert your best effort when chance favors your purpose. She will remind you of the risk, remind you to keep your weapons sharp if you must go to battle for your cause. And she will sharpen your sense of humor if it starts to dull from too little use or too much effort. In the heaviest effort, Uncertainty's ironic mournful melodies can restore lightness of spirit.

When his voice blends with hers into one beautifully harmonious, infinitely varied, endlessly repeated cosmic syllable, into perfect noise, then we know that Uncertainty ranks with the great gods, generators of everything in this world that surprises and delights.

Yet when it becomes clear, as it must in time, that in the end all effort will have failed, that we will die, as all generation must with time, and we cannot know, because this terrible god Uncertainty forbids it, when our time will come, how our end will be, and what might go on beyond our end; when all we can see is the most fearsome future, when we are filled with grief and terror, then we feel the god's most aweful aspect; turn to him for help and know that there is no mercy in a world dominated and generated by the great god Chance. There are winners and there are losers, and if there are lessons to be learned from that, you must learn them yourself, and you may never be certain that you have learned them correctly. There can only be one certainty in an uncertain world -- the god's third eye, closed until the last step of the final dance. Everything will end, and all hope with it.

Harsh music. Dissonant and frightening. Those who are possessed by the the darkest aspects of this god Uncertainty are most to be pitied, mired as they will be in regret, compelled to anger and despair.

Yet perhaps, if you were only able to accept all that you are given as a gift and return gratitude, if you were able to simply give all that you must lose, then perhaps the god Uncertainty will reward you with a boon, to see that there can be no end without again beginning, and no beginning without hope.

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