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It is easy to be angry with Yahweh. The god, in most of his appearances, is a cranky & irascible old man. He is obsessed with his power, vengeful, misogynist, a thorough-going solipsist.

Messages of love & mercy have been proclaimed in Yahweh's name, but those have been few and far between. And the most persuasive and generous of those messages have come from suspect sources, associated with subversive elements in the Yahwist churches -- St. Francis, Rumi, Jesus, Thomas More, Wm Blake. Apostles of love & mercy, in fact, have frequently met the most horrible deaths at the hands of or with the connivance of Yahwist churchmen, & their teachings have been corrupted to serve the needs of the church for power. The gods that those apostles praise -- the gods that urge them to welcome all men as brothers, to perceive truth and justice in nature, to bow before beauty, to see miracle in everything: those gods are very different from the Yahweh of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, the most distant fathers; the Yahweh who gave his laws to Moses and named Aaron as his priest, the Yahweh for whom Paul was such an able scribe and church builder, the Yahweh who informed the prophet in his cave and who informs the holy Koran and all holy war.

That Yahweh promises paradise alight with his love, but only to those who keep his holy word, obey his priests, die for him and send their sons to death. That Yahweh is the only source of truth and justice; to bow in any other direction is heresy, and heresy is met with merciless death. That Yahweh assures us in his most holy writ that miracles happen rarely, that they are large and visible, and that he is the only source of miracle.

But Anger, as I have come to believe (and as some early Christians taught at an odd time in the history of the Church when Yahweh had hidden himself, as he was wont to do, and even church fathers may have been more innocently informed by pagan gods than it was possible for them to be later, when Yahweh rose again in the east and the Church grew militant and sophisticated in response), is a sin -- that is, to my mind, a god whose presence in a person's life, uncontrolled by the person's Humanity, can drive all other gods away and desolate comfort.

Rejecting anger, I see that Yahweh is not evil any more than he is good. He is mad, that is delusional, and that is, I believe, what leads him behave as he does in hurtful ways and inform his faithful so that they behave in hurtful ways as well.

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